2014 Week 45 Day 1

2014 Week 45 Day 1 – Today I met friends near Stoner Park and so we all got to enjoy the magnificent views and Autumnal colours. I have been playing around editing this one (and the rest) as you can probably tell, trying to find a different style from my normal.WillowLeavesEdit3_6*4

But first we met in a cafe nearby. As I knew where I was going and it was closer for me, Willow and I arrived there first and so had some sticker time action, plus her normal ‘take a photo of the hand!’.


Once we had a drink and bite to eat though, it was fun exploring the parkland2014week44_45-148-Edit copy

and being mischievous!2014week44_45-204-Edit-Edi copy

so here you notice a different editing style – a bit darker and moodier from my norm. Just playing around really – with great scenery to play with!
2014week44_45-214-Edit-Edi copy2014week44_45-152-Edit copy

And this is what happens when you get photographers together!2014week44_45-206-Edit-2 copy2014week44_45-178-Edit-Edi copy

with Willow following suit! (thank goodness for camera phones!)IMG_2374 copyIMG_2375 copy

So with the different editing, I then got confused as to whether I preferred colour or black and white, especially when I know I have not got the skin tone right, but there were so many photos to deal with and I have run out of time to look at them, but I wanted to keep them all and remember this fun day for an excited girl who had a great time running around.2014week44_45-200-Edit-Edi copy2014week44_45-200-Edit-Edit-Edit-EditBWWRunningWRunning22014week44_45-183-Edit-Edi copy WRunning3 WRunning4

And my friend Alex took this one, but I had to include it as it is so personifies my life with Willow!IMG_0003 copy

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