2014 Week 48 Day 1

2014 Week 48 Day 1 – Today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me.

2014Weeks47_48-101 Shame I ripped my head open last night jumping up not only into a door frame, but the 1″ metal flange sticking out of it!! I don’t like to exaggerate, but I thought I was going to die as the pain was so intense and the blood so plentiful! However, the fact that I would leave behind the kids and my husband, meant that I pulled through. That and the diy first aid that my husband administered and the suddenly enforced rest I had.

My husband had planned a sort of a surprise night away. A surprise as I had no idea where we were going, but not a surprise as having 4 kids to sort out, meant that I was eventually informed of the arrangements prior to the day itself. We dropped them off at school and drove down to Pennyhill Park Hotel, in Surrey. With its many spa pools and relaxation areas, it was JUST what the doctor ordered. I was concussed, but spent the afternoon snoozing in the warmed, contoured beds, floating in the hot tubs and just the once, dipping in the pool. By the evening, I was so relaxed that I had perked up considerably and enjoyed a fab supper with my lovely husband who had made this all possible.

2014Weeks47_48-132-Edit6*4 copy

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