2014 Week 48 Day 2

2014 Week 48 Day 2 – No children crying and crawling into bed, no dog whining in the night or early hours of the morning, no alarm clock ringing and a cocktail and glass of wine the night before, all pulled together to result in a great night’s sleep. The draining after  effects of the knock on the head probably helped this sleep as well, but whatever the causes, I felt marvellous this morning, refreshed and much better than I have done in weeks, apart from the still dull throb in my temple. Paul had arranged an indian head massage for me, which unfortunately was not wise with my injury, and so I swapped it for a back massage instead. Then, I braved the sauna, the steam room, even the ice room, as well as again making the most of the hot tubs and swimming pool before we had to leave and come back home to pick the children up form school.

We decided we had just enough time for a wander round the gardens before heading home, and were surprised to see Santa stuck down the chimney already.

2014Weeks47_48-157 Pennyhill Hall-1 Pennyhill Hall-2

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