2014 Week 48 Day 6

2014 Week 48 Day 6 – My strive to get photos for a christmas card continues. But at this rate, I wonder if I will actually get time to create a card?2014Weeks47_48-88-Edit copy Anyway, it is December 1st and i wanted to share a picture of our tree after the kids were let loose on it. Every year I say I will be organised and have the lights ready to go on as soon as we pot the tree, and every year I am battling against the kids to stop them throwing on all the decorations at once before getting the lights on. This year I was even more scuppered to find that the lights do not work. Ho hum, this feeling of chaos will be with me right through to January, when I can get rid of the tree and clutter (wishful thinking)!!

Meanwhile, we were all delighted to welcome a girl elf to our household. Now they just have to agree on a name before she comes out of her box!Elf-2

The boys then practised some Christmas carols on the violin, accompanied by the melodic Felix on vocals.Elf-3

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