2014 Week 48 Day 7

2014 Week 48 Day 7 – I couldn’t resist when she found this hat and put it on!!2014Weeks47_48-118-Edit copyLast night the kids named their elf Twinke. Alexei had wanted ‘Sparkle’ which I thought was lovely, but Barnaby refused, I think purely as it was Alexei’s choice. I explained that in order for the elf to have her magic, she needed to be named by the children but also for them all to be in complete agreement about it. I thought we would have deadlock, but by the end of the day, when Barnaby suggested Twinkle, Alexei readily agreed. Of course, Twinkle is a lovely name too and fitting for a Christmassy theme,  and Willow likes to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, so she is very happy with the name, but I do wish for once, Alexei had not been beaten down by his brother. But that was yesterday. This morning, the mischievous elf had appeared sitting on some wires dangling down from the speakers, near to where their advent calendar hangs. I think she wanted to make herself easy to find on this first morning! 2014Weeks47_48-102

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