2014 Week 49 Day 2

2014 Week 49 Day 2 – Twinkle came back. Yey. And phew!! Not only that, but as well as writing her own reply to the children, (amazingly received the night before and featured in yesterday’s post (!!!???), she also bought  with her some lights for the tree! We had been waiting for some as last years lights are caput. What a clever elf, she even put them up, 2024week49-2 2024week49-9 so that now the children can get on with the serious task of decorating the tree!2024week49-10 I had to post this as it made me laugh so much!! Felix had to draw a word with the ‘ur’ sound in it. Admittedly, I did suggest it, but saying ‘burp’ went down so well he thought that would do and drew an amazing picture and with food to the side, just to give it context!2014iphoneNov-19

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