2014 Week 49 Day 5

2014 Week 49 Day 5 – Today the two younger boys had a drama performance in Wallingford, a market town in South Oxfordshire. Their amazing drama teacher coordinated over 90 students and put on a production depicting the first word war. My little two were evacuees. It was so sweet. Whist they were rehearsing, the rest of us enjoyed the Christmas market (and the mulled wine), and as we listed to the carol singers, Willow decided to entertain the crowd to the side of the singers, in her own unique way, just in case anyone wanted some light entertainment.Wallingford When we returned home, the boys wondered why we didn’t have an advent calendar (seeing as we have advent everything else) and so we improvised, and made one up!CandleIn case you are wondering where Twinkle is today, she didn’t return – sniff! Felix had touched her on Saturday and when we asked him why, he replied “because I am little!”. The kids did not have time to write her a letter, so she did not appear today! She will only come back if he is truly sorry, so let’s hope he writes a letter soon.


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