2014 Week 33 Day 3

2014 Week 33 Day 3

A lot of photos today! We started off by dragging the kids to White Moss. A balance bike and some fishing nets helped tempt them,

WhiteMoss-4 WhiteMoss-5

August2014Wk33waterfall-197 though of course there were still some tears and cuddles!WhiteMoss-8 But we did make it quite a way to view some stunning scenes, and shatter the peace of other walkers.View-5

View-1 View-3 View-4 View-2 View-6 After lunch and a sit down, followed by a shouty and tearful game of ludo, we dragged the kids out again to show daddy the waterfall.Waterfall-1 Waterfall-2
Waterfall-3 August2014Wk33waterfall-386 Waterfall-4

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