2014 Week 33 Day 2

2014 Week 33 Day 2 – We had heard good things about Brockhole, the Lake District Visitor Centre overlooking Lake Windermere and we were not disappointed when we made a visit. Willow thinks she is older than just two and so of course wants to join in whatever the boys are doing, and a little climbing wall had to be scaled as the first challenge. Felix was less brave!


The next challenge for Willow was to get on to the treetops net, but the ticket master told us if we said she was three, nudge nudge, wink wink, then she would be allowed on! So we did, and she was, and had a blast, as did we all! It was tiring though!Adventure

We timed it well as we only had a bit of rain and we were so well covered by trees, we were quite protected. By the time it was raining heavily, we were in the car driving back to the illusions museum, The Puzzling Place, a fascinating, fun and social excursion into the wonderful world of optical illusion, which leaves you, quite literally, not believing your eyes!

illusion2 WillowIllusion room

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