2014 Week 33 Day 1

2014 Week 33 Day 1  – With daddy now here, we were able to explore further afield. As the forecast was not great, we decided to go to Wray Castle, a Victorian neo-gothic building at Claife, by Lake Windemere. The house and grounds have belonged to the National Trust since 1929, so it was a cheap day out as we are members. Of course, we had to pay for an archery lesson and then something to eat after, but the kids enjoyed the activities they found in and around the house.

Wray-1Wray-2Wray-3August2014Wk33Day1-142August2014Wk33Day1-167We then hotfooted it over to Keswick to go to an illusions museum. Unfortunately, we were too late to get in, so after looking around the gift shop, the kids indulged in a bit fo street dancing (fired up by a sugar rush no doubt).Keswick

Back home, we had a quiet evening watching some telly. We have played a few games of Ludo this holiday, we they have invariably ended up with tears and so we felt a bit of gormless tv watching was preferable tonight.WillowAugust2014Wk33-13 and it meant I could photograph the view again.August2014Wk33-16 August2014Wk33-19 August2014Wk33-20

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