2014 Week 35 Day 5

2014 Week 35 Day 5 – The day we packed up to come back home was, of course, boiling hot! Still, it was nice to pack up a dry tent and have breakfast in the sun.

SummerHols2014-296 SummerHols2014-295 We came home to find out that Barnaby had been nominated for an ice bucket challenge, which basically meant he had to dump a bucket of ice water on his head to promote awareness of Motor Neurone Disease. He did the challenge and nominated me and his brothers and  a couple of friends to do it! So we all did it, even Willow and filmed ourselves. However, I realised that I had not filmed his attempt, basically because he took so long to get his speech right, I kept stopping the camera from recording. Of course, it was my user error that meant when he did actually get going I in fact stopped recording instead of beginning a clip! He took this mistake very well and so had another go quite cheerfully really (see below), though by this time we had run out of ice so we used the garden hose instead! We had a group discussion, and decided to make a contribution to wateraid.org  because using all this water for the challenge felt wrong to the children (quite rightly) and we had been discussing the hardships in other countries which included the lack of clean fresh water. As the purpose of this antic was for awareness of  motor neurone disease, we also decided that we would contribute to this charity with their pocket money. As they hardly get any pocket money, this is taking a while to save up for, but we will donate some money to this cause soon.SummerHols2014-302

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