2014 Week 35 Day 6

2014 Week 35 Day 6 – I have been asked to take photos at a teenagers party! Eight 13 year old girls! What fun. So, I got my lights out to see if they worked (and to practise) and was lucky enough to have willing models – a rare service from my eldest!

SummerHols2014-320-Edit1_5by7mark You might be forgiven for thinking this was Felix’s first day of school. No that is tomorrow, but he wanted to practise wearing the uniform and I saw an opportunity to take some stress free photo’s as I know that in the morning it will be mayhem!!SummerHols2014-315-Editnologo Later that day I gave him his ‘starting school’ presents. Pencils that can turn into paint with water, and a new mug. Mr Grumpy – as chosen by him!! He is quite cheerful with his Mr Grumpy mug and does not see any connection to himself. Nor is there any, as he is generally Mr Loudly Cheerful. I also gave the three boys a new pen with their initial on that Alexei had helped me to chose. They were delighted!SummerHols2014-327-Edit

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