2014 Week 50 Day 1

2014 Week 50 Day 1 – Twinkle the Elf is showing us her mischievous side as today she helped herself to some skittles! At first, Alexei was upset as they are from his packet, but he soon saw the funny side, and even took those that had spilled out the side and shared them round.

2024week50-74After another brilliant performance of the infant play, this evening it was the turn of the juniors in years 3 and 4. Granny and Grandpa came along to watch and I think were impressed at the standard of the show and acting! Barnaby did not have as big a role as he would have liked, but he did sing his heart out (and quite a few people commended him via myself afterwards) and the lines he did have he spoke loudly and clearly. But it wasn’t just him, they all did so well and it really was a very funny and entertaining show and we all left feeling very proud.



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