2014 Week 50 Day 2

2014 Week 50 Day 2 – Today the elf left out biscuits for the boys, but also had a little nibble of one herself and, every time no one looked, ate some more of it, so that there were only crumbs left by the end of the day!

2024week50-80 I have photos of the little two for a Christmas card I want to make, but I did not have the right shots for the older two for what I have now decided to do. So, they agreed to don a hat and quickly pose for me tonight. 2024week50-98-EditSnow6*4 copy 2024week50-89-Edit6*4 copy Meanwhile, Willow is fascinated by the shelves, now that she has easy access to them and she keeps trying to pose as an Elf on the Shelf!WillowElf

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