2014 Week 50 Day 5

2014 Week 50 Day 5 – Twinkle got creative today and made a selfie! Not a photo but a hama bead picture. The children were very impressed and I am glad I got a photo before Willow got stuck in to ‘help’!

2024week50elf-8 2024week50elf-10Obviously, it went pear shaped as Willow tried to create and as the boys were upset, I offered to remake the elf. Felix helped and we quickly ironed it and hung it up on the tree. Good job.
2024week50elf-18 Alexei got creative too and designed and made his very own Parrot! Stunning. No template just his imagination. I’m so impressed as I have to copy everything!2024week50elf-15Meanwhile, to keep them entertained after a lovely lunch with Paul’s Aunt and Uncle (who came up for the day) so that the children were not too full on for our guests in the afternoon, Twinkle had provided a gingerbread house kit that we attempted to construct. It collapsed a few times of course, so after putting it back together yet again, we have left it to the side to dry more and then perhaps add more sweets tomorrow, hopefully when Willow is distracted by something.Gingerbread

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