2014 Week 50 Day 6

2014 Week 50 Day 6 – The elf needed a lie down (again) today, after being touched by Willow AND Aunt Elizabeth. She found a bed of marshmallows to lie on and found a shelf where she thought she would be left in peace. The snowman was a bit cheeky  and stole a snowman marshmallow! Is that cannibalism? 2024week50elfantics-4

Twinkle left a note again, in response to the message that the boys wrote on behalf of Willow, but I think it shows just how tired she is as she signed it as Willow! Luckily the boys read it as kisses to Willow! Phew, this elf business is exhausting!
Alexei is getting very good a plaiting Willow’s hair. I didn’t even realise it was long enough to do this!

2 thoughts on “2014 Week 50 Day 6

    • She has been so so tired trying to keep order in a house of very excitable children! Easy mistake to make but I don’t think she will be repeating it again! She must take more care, no matter how busy she is. lol.

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