2014 Week 51 Day 2

2014 Week 51 Day 2 – Though the eldest two kids said they did not want to go on a father Christmas hunt after school today (so so tired),  they, of course, had a magical time once we got to his grotto and found him. Willow buttered him up and made him laugh –  I wonder what she asked for? –FatherChristmas

before all the kids practiced their “ho ho ho’ing”2024week51Day2-46-Edit5*4 copy Willow made some reindeer food but debated wether to eat it herself!2024week51Day2-32-Edit copy Whilst the polar bears looked hungrily on!2024week51Day2-30-Edit copy Meanwhile, Twinkle the Elf got fed up with our abandoned ginger bread house and roped in some mates to help finish the job. She even personalised it with the sweeties!Twinkle

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