2014 Week 51 Day 3

2014 Week 51 Day 3 – Elf and her new friends showed up on the shelf again today. Twinkle had written a note to the children as she knew that they had seen Father Christmas yesterday. Twinkle and Santa had conferred last night and decided to leave each child their very own elf to love and cherish and most important of all, CUDDLE! It should help the temptation to (not) touch Twinkle and will hopefully leave them less sad when she departs for good this year, on Christmas Eve.ELf1Coincidentally, and thanks to Granny for organising it, today the kids also received a letter each from actual Father Christmas and told them what to do on Christmas Eve to prepare for his arrival. They each have different foods to leave out for the reindeer, Santa etc. Willow liked her sticker, whilst Alexei concentrated very hard on his letter to make sure he knows exactly what to do. Barnaby’s elf boy  seemed very excited and happy to be here and will surely be invaluable in helping us prepare for Christmas.ELf

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