2016 Week 1

New Year’s Day – A pre-arranged meet up with friends for a new year’s day walk, started off with the need for a bribe for our youngest son; one lollipop later and he was a happy walker. Everyone else needed no such incentive and just enjoyed the fresh air and hills! Just before school started […]

2015 Week 52 Days 5 & 8 – 28th December – NYE!

Week 52 Day 5 – We left Granny and Grandpa’s today, but had an adventure in the beautiful Richmond Park first. Ax is such a mix of emotions, one minute smiling and having fun, and the moment next in tears!    Meanwhile, Fx wanted to pose with his favourite toy Crocky (who is actually a […]

Week 44 Day 1 – 29th October

Week 44 Day 1 – On this rainy day, we dragged the kids out on a treasure hunt, obviously against their wishes as they’d have much rather stayed at home watching the telly! However, happening upon a fisherman, they soon perked up as he explained his fishing routine and methods and even showed them how […]