Week 40 Day 2 – 2nd October

Week 40 Day 2 – The bushes and trees this morning were covered in the most amazing cobwebs that I don’t think my photos have done justice to. They looked like they were covered in giant candy floss; their branches delicately wrapped in spun sugar  greatness. And then I spotted a little slow worm basking […]

2015 Week 34 Day 7 – 26th August

2015 Week 34 Day 7 – With the lights still up on the living room, Willow and Felix decided to run around and pose. And Felix also wanted to show off his new helmet, a hand me down from a friend, as well as his new school shoes!! But as the rainy day brighten, I […]

2015 Week 25 Day 6 – 23rd June

2015 Week 25 Day 6 – Sport’s day at the school. I tried to refrain from taking too many photos – but then loads of people asked me to take some pictures of their kids! Anyway, here are my own; Barnaby coming third in the long distance – not bad going with his little legs! […]

2015 Week 23 Days 4 & 5 – 7th, 8th June

2015 Week 23 Day 4 – Good friends of my (deceased) in-laws came over for lunch today and it was so lovely to see them. So lovely, in fact, that my brother-in-law came over from Poland to join in the fun too. After a very long lunch, we took a trip round the corner, to […]

2015 Week 17 Day 5, 27th April

2015 Week 17 Day 5 – I had a surprise for the kids today, one that I have been keeping secret for a few days! Today is the day we collected the kitty cats from my friend’s house. SO, Willow and I took a trip to Surrey this sunny afternoon, whilst daddy sorted out the […]