2014 Week 52 Day 2

2014 Week 52 Day 2 – Christmas Day. Merry Christmas everyone. Ours didn’t start too early, thank goodness, which was useful as I know it will be a long day! Everyone had received new PJ’s on Christmas Eve, as Twinkle’s departing gift, and they all wore them this morning as they ran in to find […]

2014 Week 52 Day 1

2014 Week 52 Day 1 – Christmas Eve. Wow. It is here again; that came around fast! Sadly for us, it means the last we will see of Twinkle for this year. The little elf took to glitter glue and wrote us a farewell message. Aaahh, we will miss her and her antics! After a […]

2014 Week 49 Day 5

2014 Week 49 Day 5 – Today the two younger boys had a drama performance in Wallingford, a market town in South Oxfordshire. Their amazing drama teacher coordinated over 90 students and put on a production depicting the first word war. My little two were evacuees. It was so sweet. Whist they were rehearsing, the rest […]

2014 Week 49 Day 2

2014 Week 49 Day 2 – Twinkle came back. Yey. And phew!! Not only that, but as well as writing her own reply to the children, (amazingly received the night before and featured in yesterday’s post (!!!???), she also bought  with her some lights for the tree! We had been waiting for some as last […]

2014 Week 48 Day 5

2014 Week 48 Day 5 – Tomorrow is 1st December, so, of course, from now on it is all things Christmassy. The boys started with advent calendars, colouring them in.  And then we went to get our Christmas tree! I am not sure if the kids had more fun getting the tree, or going through […]

2014 Week 32 Day 4

2014 Week 32 Day 4 – Three days ago, two of the children spent the night throwing up but recovered relatively quickly. Then, a day ago, Barnaby suddenly felt unwell when we were in the library getting more books for our holidays and threw up into the empty popcorn bag I quickly retrieved from the […]